Non-Pavilion and its associated programme was designed and curated by: 

Studio MiCat 

Founded in 2016 by architects and designers Michael Garnett and Cathrin Walczyk, Studio MiCat explores questions of our time by designing mechanical sculptures and interactive installations generated through collaborative making processes. Their recent project, ‘Brawn & Bread’, a human powered bakery, was built by young people at Beam Camp, New Hampshire, and has been shortlisted for the 2019 Dezeen Awards.

There Project

A collaboration between curators Justine Boussard and Sarah Turner, There Project was founded to engage the design community in projects that help identify, promote and live societal values that advance a sustainable and fulfilling human existence.

Proud Studio

George Proud is an Architectural Designer and Visualiser who has worked for a number of architectural practices. The custom virtual and augmented reality applications he has created have aided in successful architectural competition bids alongside more traditional visualisations.


The Non-Pavilion project was developed in the space of three months, thanks to incredible support from the design community who gave their time and talent to respond to our call. Our ambition is to reuse Non-Pavilion in the future to increase awareness about the situation we are in and to continue to build resilience together. Get in touch at if you would like to talk or collaborate!

Non-Pavilion is supported by Entuitive and LucienneRoberts+

Thank you to Meneesha Kellay, Curator of Festival Programming, for commissioning Non-Pavilion and giving us a platform.